When a friend or relative visits Cyprus can they be added to my insurance? What is the process and how much do we pay?

Subject to our acceptance criteria, friends or relatives may be added on what we call a Time of Risk.   If you require this service, simply call our Freephone Contact Centre. To help us assist with your request more swiftly please have the following information of the additional driver. Name, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Type of Driving Licence, for example, German, UK, how long the person has held a full driving licence and whether the proposed additional driver has had any accidents/ claims/ points or convictions within the last five years. Once we have these details we will instantly provide you with the amount of additional premium. This is calculated based on the period of cover that is required. If you wish to proceed to add the driver(s) we will require a copy of their driving licence(s) together with payment of the premium in order for us to issue the necessary cover note.

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