What shall I do if I have an accident?

Accidents happen – even to the most careful drivers - and while we hope that you will never be involved in a road traffic accident, it can help to be prepared. If you are involved in an accident you should report it to us as soon as possible, even if you do not want to make a claim, by calling us on 800 5 10 15. Informing the Claims Assistance Service for an immediate visit at the scene of the accident is a contractual obligation of yours. Our 24hr Claims Assistance Service will arrive at the accident scene and will take you through the right procedure of claim, filling in all the necessary documents, taking photos of the damage(s), towing your vehicle to a garage. Moreover, using one of our Associated Garages will enable the K2K service which means that the associated garage will provide you with a courtesy car to use till your vehicle is totally repaired at no extra cost. As a Gan Direct customer, you will always receive the highest standards of service.

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