What do you mean when referring to emergency repairs in a house?

Contact us for assistance immediately. Talk to us before touching or moving anything in your home after an insurable event (such as a fire, storm or theft). In the event of fire, contact the fire brigade. In the event of criminal activity such as a break in and entry with malicious damage or theft you should also contact the police. Do not proceed in repairing any damage and do not throw any damaged item prior to us assessing the damage and prior to communicate with us. Keep receipts for any temporary repairs you might have done in order to prevent the damage to spread. Your co-operation with our representative or the appointed assessor is necessary.  If your home is exposed to further damage from the weather, or because the premises can no longer be secured you should do only what is necessary to prevent further damage or loss. We will want an assessor to examine the damage before making a decision in relation to your claim, and will also want to approve the repairer.

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