What shall I do if I’ve had a car accident and I’m uninsured?

Under the Motor Vehicles (Third Party Insurance) Law all registered vehicles are required to be covered by a third party insurance policy against liability, as required by the Compulsory Insurance Legislation.


An agreement has been signed between the Motor Insurers Fund (MIF) and the Ministry of Finance.  Part 1 of this agreement establishes that in the unfortunate event of an incident/accident involving an uninsured driver, MIF is obliged to indemnify the insured for any property damage and/or bodily injury suffered as a result of the fault of the uninsured.


MIF is entitled to recover the money they have paid, by the uninsured party.

It is the insured party who has the obligation to claim for bodily injury and/or property damages by the Motor Insurers Fund under certain circumstances. For more information please contact Motor Insurers Fund.

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